NEW to Online Auctions? Watch this short VIDEO - "How To Bid":

Short 3 minute YouTube video that walks you through bidding:


If you have problems registering for a Hibid account to bid,  try entering your address with only the numbers and not with the street information included. 

Call us at 248-505-5985 or email for help. 




When the catalog goes LIVE on auction night starting at 7pm, you will be tempted to watch from your WATCHES or BIDS List that is personalized to you, but that does NOT allow you to bid in the last 2 minutes so you could lose out on an item that you want.  It is best to either take a picture on your phone or print out your bid/watch list and then click LIVE CATALOG and watch from there once the catalog goes LIVE as that is the only way you can bid in the last 2 minutes.  We would hate for you to miss out on an item you want because you aren't in the right place at the right time. Questions? Confused? Please ask us. 



 Each online auction closes via LIVE CATALOG starting at the stated closing time of 7pm, Lots will sell every 12-15 seconds unless a bid is placed during the final 2 minutes. If a bid is placed in the final 2 minutes, the time will be extended by 2 minutes. We try to end our auctions no later than 9:30pm.



 Create a Watch List by clicking the star icon on the items you'd like to keep an eye on. And make NOTES in the NOTES field. ONLY you can see these notes. Many bidders use it to keep track of their research on price and othr important aspects of the item.


---BUSY ON Monday nights at 7pm???---

  MAX BID: If there are items you don't want to miss, use the MAX BID feature. Place your max bid on items and the software will bid UP TO but NOT over  your set amount incrementally for you. That means if the current bid is $3 and your max bid is $10 and no one else bids, you will win the item for $3, but if someone bids $4, the software will bid $5 for you and so on up to your MAX BID AMOUNT. This way if you miss the live bidding for any reason, the software has you covered UP TO your max bid!


---DON'T MISS an auction because life gets busy! ---

Subscribe to our EMAILS for auction reminders and TEXT REMINDERS to get a reminder right before the auction goes live on Monday nights. We only send 1 text reminder per week on Monday nights - AUCTION NIGHT!



Still Got Questions? We love any and all questions (even stupid questions because there really are no stupid questions). Feel free to email us at: